A Freshly Cut Lawn

Instead of approaching the site like most of the competition as a retail space, Remington’s product line became the hero. Pivoting to a brochure site, Remington could position itself in the space of having quality tools for the everyman's yard and budget.

Role // Art Director and Designer
Created at // Nomadic Agency

Landing Page

Products as Heroes

Not everyone dreams of waking up and doing yard work, but knowing you are about to purchase a sweet looking chainsaw sure makes up for it. To create a more attractive image for Remington's product line, we shifted our focus away from the typical utilitarian approach of tool photography. Instead, we aimed to make the products more desirable. The result was a long-scrolling landing page, with each category carefully sectioned off to showcase the hero product shots. Pivoting to a brochure site, Remington was able to position its product line as high-quality tools for any yard and budget, rather than simply another online retail space.

Product Hero Lockups
Product Photos

Retouching the Line

Behind the scenes of the product shoot.

Product Photos

There Can Only be One

Each category page featured a flagship product within the brand. The String Trimmers product page showcased the flagship product of the Remington brand, highlighting its features, attachments, and an array of videos. It also displayed the full line of trimmers available for purchase.