Seeing 20/20

Hoya manufactures top-of-the-line lenses for eyeglasses. Unfortunately, most consumers don't think twice about their lenses but can spend hours finding the right frames. Hoya's brand site was designed to show consumers the importance of a quality lens.

Role // Art Director and Designer
Created at // Nomadic

Landing Page

Quality Can be Seen

The purpose of the About page on Hoya's brand site was not only to showcase the features of Hoya lenses but also to highlight the company's history, which goes far beyond the typical black frames.

Product Pages

The Full Line of Glass

Hoya prides itself on quality and customization. Each tier of lens adds more customization for the wearer and all features were given its proper attention.  

Feature Sets

Featured Properties

Each lens is available in a multitude of materials and supporting — features, those had to be visually represented in an easy-to-follow way.