A Next Level Adventure

For the premiere of Jumanji 2: The Next Level, AMC Theatres partnered with Sony Pictures to create a unique and memorable experience for fans. To achieve this, we developed an online promotion that drove sales through a fully interactive board game. Fans could register and play for a chance to win movie memorabilia, free tickets, or an adventure trip of a lifetime.

Role // Art Director and Designer
Created at // PrizeLogic

Landing Page

A Board Game Journey to a Win

The design of the game map was meant to resemble a treasure map, similar to the one in the movie. It featured 3D models of dangerous animals and obstacles from the movie. Users could select one of the five main characters during registration and would play as that character. Each turn would begin with a die roll, and the user would move along the map while avoiding danger spots and earning instant-win plays. Once they reached the Ice Wall, users could enter a code from their AMC ticket purchase to advance in the game and be entered into the sweepstakes for the ultimate adventure trip.

Interactive Board Game
Custom Gameplay and Vidoes

A Star-Studded Affair

After registration, users were greeted by their trusty guide, Rhys Darby, who plays Nigel in the movies, and instructed on their journey ahead. Completing the game unlocked additional videos congratulating each player on their successful completion of the treacherous journey.

Bonus Cards

So so many cards...

Each bonus space unlocked a card for the user. Danger cards featured mini-clips from the movie, and sharing a danger card on Facebook or Twitter would prevent users from moving back spaces. Collecting all character cards unlocked exclusive video content from the movie.

The Mobile Experience