Your all-star line up

Due to the 2013 NHL lockout and the 2014 Winter Olympics, two years had passed since the last All-Star game was played. As a result, the NHL wanted to create a fun, quick, and incentivized promotion focused on the NHL All-Star Ballot selection. Users could vote for any of the 700+ players in eight different languages in hopes of getting their players on the starting roster and winning the grand prize of attending the 2015 All-Star game.

Role // Art Director and Designer
Created at // PrizeLogic

Landing Page

Vote quick and often

The goal of the site was to make it easy for all users to vote frequently, and the best way to achieve this was to make the voting process fast. Users could vote directly from the landing page and even load their previous submissions for a quicker experience. The more the user voted, the better their chances of winning the VIP Grand Prize and getting their players into the starting roster.

Voting Section
Player Stats

Digital Cards

Each of the 700+ players was given a digital card populated dynamically with their current stats. Users could add players to their All-Star lineup directly from these cards or through the landing page grid.

Ballot Submission

All-star Selections

Users could vote for their selections up to 10 times a day. Each position was allotted a single player and was not restricted to a specific number of players per team.

The Mobile Experience