A Refreshing Refresh

Diet Pepsi relaunched its online presence with the 'Love Every Sip' campaign. For years, its site was merely a resource for users seeking nutritional facts or coupons for 6-packs. However, the new site became a hub for all things Diet Pepsi, featuring daily content from five different categories, social posts from its entourage of celebrities, and promotional items. Fans could submit their own photos with the hashtag #LoveEverySip and potentially be featured on the site. Overall, the Love Every Sip campaign aimed to create an engaging and interactive online presence for Diet Pepsi, beyond just promoting its product.

Role // Art Director and Designer
Created at // Nomadic + PrizeLogic

Landing Page

Landing Page Hub

With Sofia Vergara at the helm, the landing page became the hub for all Diet Pepsi content. Users could interact with dynamic polls, jump to featured daily 'sips,' see what celebrities were saying on Twitter, and browse recent Facebook posts.

Content Page

The Daily Sip

Each day a new "Daily Sip'' would go live. These sips were sorted into five different categories, ranging from household tips, fashion and celeb news. Each sip was composed of a hero image and article. Users could comment directly to the page via Facebook comments.

Social Content

Daily Sip Articles

Over 250 Daily Sip article images were produced. 

The Mobile Experience